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Evacuation off-site

Relocation and Reunification in the event of an emergency

In the event of a whole-school evacuation, children will be reunited with their parents at Spring Mountain Apartments.

Relocating Your Child

We know your child's safety is your top priority.  Rest assured, we take the same approach with our emergency preparedness plans.

One of the important components of the plan is the relocation of students away from affected schools and the subsequent reunification with their parents.  The location will depend on many factors, including nature of the emergency, the time of day, road closures, etc.

If it is necessary to move students, district officials will relocate students to alternate sites.  At the site, your child will be cared for by a Site Logistics Team.  The team will have your child's emergency card, food, water, and medications.

If your child is relocated, CUESD will notify you via the automated phone system.  Through this service, calls will go out automatically to all the numbers supplied to the school by parents.  CUESD will also send messages out via email to mobile phones and computers, messages will be posted on the district website and announcements will be made through radio and television outlets.  

Reunification With your child:

In an emergency your first instinct is to drive to the school and pick up your child.  Please don't.  If there is an emergency and the school is trying to evacuate children, children must be picked up at the evacuation cite.  By trying to come to school, you increase traffic and become an obstacle in the evacuation process.  Don't worry.  All parents will be notified exactly where their child will be taken.

At the reunification site:

If you are contacted to pick up your child, please bring a photo ID and go to the "Parent Check in" table.

  1. Fill in the BLUE student Reunification form
  2. Have a photo ID out and ready to show to district personnel
  3. Once you have submitted the card, you will be directed to the "Student Reunification Area"
  4. Your child will be brought to you by a staff member.